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5 Fall Decor Ideas

Halloween is officially over and if you’re not quite ready to jump into the holiday spirit just yet, I have some great tips and inspiration for festive fall decor! Let’s take a look!

1. Get the Kids Involved

If you have children, it’s safe to say all the holidays are really for them now. That being said, why not take advantage of it! Spend a day together making crafts and getting creative. There’s something out there for kids of all ages. Find the ones that work best for your family and then let their artwork fill the house with festive cheer!

For example, our little ghost friend here was colored by my 2-year-old son, Lucas!


2. Add a Splash of Color

You don’t always have to go all out to give your home a festive feel. Sometimes just a little splash of color is all it takes! Find some decorative pillows, a throw blanket, or other standard decorations in your favorite holiday color, and simply add them to your already existing home decor!

Here I found an adorable orange pillow perfect to brighten up any corner of the room.


3. Replace Greenery/Florals

Another easy swap is with your greenery and florals. If you have a vase around the house you like to keep fresh flowers in or have an area decorated with faux greenery year-round, consider replacing those with more festive florals and foliage. Instead of purchasing a bouquet of pink daisies, pick up a bundle of festive leaves and decorative twigs!

In the spring I might have bright colored flowers in this vase, but during the fall I found some colorful leaves instead!


4. Find Scented Candles 

Most decorations are for the eyes, but why not add some for your nose to enjoy too! Many stores are loaded with festive candles as we transition through the holidays. Find your favorites and scatter them throughout your home. Light them just before guests come over to really impress your friends and family.

I found the perfect spot for one in my living room.


5. Use Every Corner

Ok, maybe not every corner, but don’t be afraid to add small little touches to areas where you don’t usually have decorations. A shelf in the bathroom, a sign in the entryway, a new rug for the hall, etc. etc. It’s easy to add/replace with decorations you already have, but adding to a few new locations can be a fun way to spread festive cheer around the house!

You’ll notice I took advantage of my window sills!


Hope these ideas inspire you to add some festive decorations around your home! Looking for more tips or have additional questions? Reach out and I’d be happy to help. 🙂


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