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DIY: Easy to Ambitious

You’d be surprised at what minor upgrades can do to the value of a home! Jeremy Nelson has some DIY tips and ideas ranging from easy to ambitious that can make a big difference in your home!

We’re going to chat today, about some DIY projects that are nice and simple improvements you can do for the property.


New Light Fixtures

First up, a simple thing you could do is look at changing out the light fixtures around the house. And if you can see in the background here, they changed the light fixture over the dining room table, giving it a nice little upgrade.


Same Colored Light Bulbs

Another thing I noticed as I’m walking through this house is they have multiple different light bulbs. A nice little upgrade that you could do for the home is to change all those fluorescents to LED lights. Find a style that you like and then make sure they’re all the same color!


Update to Bright White

A few other simple upgrades you can do is change out light switches, outlet covers, and smoke detectors from the dingy yellow color to a nice white color.


Add USB Outlets

While you’re at it, updating your outlets with additional USB port chargers is a simple yet effective feature!


New Faucets

In the bathroom and/or kitchen you can upgrade your faucets. It’s a simple, easy project great for home improvement.


Make it a Smart Home

Another one I really like is upgrading your house to a smart home. Look at changing the thermostat to a Nest thermostat, put in the Ring doorbell, and look at a Chamberlain garage door opener that notifies you when it has been open or closed. It also works with Amazon, so your packages can get delivered into the house safe and secure.


For more DIY upgrades and tips, feel free to reach out!


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