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How to Sell Your House in the Winter

Wondering how to sell your house in the winter? It’s often known that the housing market is slower in the winter compared to the summer, but that’s not a bad thing! There are some really great perks to selling right now and Munce has some helpful tips for selling your house in the cold and snowy month.

Hey guys, Munce here with Twin Cities Elite Real Estate Group! I want to talk to you a bit about selling your home in winter. As we all know, it can be dreary, gray, and of course, snowy and icy, but it can still be a good time to sell your home. I’m here to offer a few tips on how to prepare your home to sell even in the most frigid cold winter weather.

The first thing to be conscious of is snow removal. Ice and snow on the driveway and walkways and icicles on the gutters can be hazardous to those viewing your home. You want to keep safety in mind, keep your driveway and sidewalk shoveled, tap down those icicles. And if there are any icy patches, sprinkle a little rock salt on those spots to prevent slips and falls.

With flowers and bushes blanketed in snow, you may think curb appeal is on pause. However, you still want to pay attention. Be on the lookout for fallen branches, twigs, and debris that may have blown into the yard. They will stick out like a sore thumb on white snow. Also, if you have photos of your home during the summer and spring, have them set up for potential buyers to give them an idea of what your yard looks like in warmer weather.

Next, you want your home to look warm and inviting in frosty weather. To convey this during showings and open houses, turn on lights to brighten the space during the darkness of winter. Another way to make your home feel cozy is to create a warm environment – soft, fuzzy blankets, a reading nook with books set out, and soft music, are among a few tips that will entice buyers to envision themselves in your space. For more ideas, consulting a home stager is always a great idea.

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is also important. You may like to crank the thermostat during the winter months, or maybe you’re okay with the colder temps and keep it cooler, either way, you don’t want it to be too warm or too cold during showings. Ideally, your thermostat should be set between 68 and 70 degrees so that potential buyers are comfortable.

While it may seem a little counterintuitive to sell in the winter, keep in mind that the buyers that are looking are motivated and keeping these small tips in mind will help you in the long run.

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