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Should I Sell My Vacation Home?

With the market as hot as it has been for sellers lately, many people are wondering “should I sell my vacation home?” Do you have a vacation home in a warmer climate or even a secluded cabin that’s been more of a nuisance than a place to rest and relax? If so, now is a GREAT time to consider selling! Vacation homes are in high demand right now due to the recent flexibility in remote working.

Even if you’re not sure whether you should sell or not, give us a call and we can give you the best advice for your situation! 612-752-2043

Hi guys, this is Jace Baldwin at the Twin Cities Elite Real Estate Group. Just wanted to talk to you today a little bit about vacation homes. Vacation homes are actually on the rise right now and starting to become a little more in demand. And part of the reason is that due to the last year and some of the flexibility people have been given through the pandemic and working from home. This is kind of driving that demand right now for vacation properties, because people can take their families and utilize those properties a little bit more and not have to come back to your primary residence as frequently, just due to the fact that you can do your job at these vacation properties. So this is something that I anticipate that’s going to continue to grow in demand with this flexibility.

I think a lot of companies out there are realizing that office space might not be as crucial to their employee’s workload and that they can do some of these things from home. So ultimately wherever that home is, the employee can still do their jobs. So part of the reason why we’re seeing that surge right now is again, just due to that flexibility that we’re seeing and whether or not your current property is a vacation home, or you’re looking to potentially sell that property, there is a demand for those properties right now. So if you’re potentially considering a move-up vacation property, the turnaround in terms of selling and potentially purchasing another property is very favorable in terms of selling your current vacation property in order to find a move-up property. So just wanted to share a little bit about that right now, as it’s something I’m hearing more about from buyers in the market. Other than that, hope everybody had a great Christmas and a wishing, everybody, a great New Year and hope everybody’s staying safe out there. Thanks, guys. And we’ll talk to you soon.

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