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Should you sell your home? Tips for selling your property.

Is now really a good time to sell your home? Realtor Jeremy Nelson has got all the answers for you! It’s currently a seller’s market and at Twin Cities Elite we’ve experienced some hot deals!

Jeremy with Twin Cities Elite Real Estate Group and I am coming to you talking about whether or not you should look at selling your house and putting it onto the market. Currently, right now, I’m going to say definitely absolutely is now a great time. We are currently in a strong seller’s market and I got two experiences that I just wanted to talk to you about that happened to me the last week. One was within our group – we had a property that we listed for sale and that property itself ended up being sold in 72 hours. And within that timeframe, we had 47 showings, 17 offers and it went substantially over the asking price.

Another property was one that myself and a buyer were a part of. We ended up looking at a property and put in an offer. Got a phone call from the listing agent, this happened all within 72 hours as well, that listing agent told us that I had the strongest possible offer that was out there except for one…and I got beat out by a cash offer that went substantially over asking price as well.

So if you’ve had any thoughts about how we can help you list your property, get you the highest and best price possible for that, and what we can do to help get you moved into a new property as well, please feel free to drop, send us a direct message and, or give us a call. We’d be happy to help you out.

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