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What is the Zillow Zestimate and is it accurate?

Have you ever been curious as to how much your home is worth? Have you ever gotten a Zestimate to find out? Jace has some helpful insight into Zillow’s home estimate feature and its benefits and shortcomings.

Hey guys, Jace Baldwin here with the Twin Cities Elite Real Estate Group. Just wanted to provide a little insight today on the Zillow Zestimate. I know for a lot of buyers and sellers, that’s something that they kind of watch to try to help determine value on their property. So just wanted to give you a few things, some insight on kind of what I see in regards to the Zillow Zestimate.

I’m not sure if everybody knows, not a lot of people typically don’t, but with your Zillow Zestimate, the homeowner can actually go in and change the criteria of your home, which ultimately can change the value in regards to the property. You know, as a real estate agent, I do view the Zillow Zestimate as more of a starting point. They do have comparable sales on those Zestimate as well that you can kind of look at and certainly is a nice tool to have ultimately.

You know, the comparable sales in your area are going to be the best reflection of value. I tend to notice that homes in areas that have houses that are very similar, very similar style, tend to be a little bit more accurate. Properties that are a little more unique and kind of have unique features, sometimes those values can be skewed in regards to the Zillow Zestimate. But ultimately, would love to provide some insight on what your home might potentially be worth and would be happy to talk more about the Zillow Zestimate in person.

So please feel free to reach out with any questions that you might have and hope everybody’s doing well.

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