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    Community Park | Carver, MN

    Morning. It’s Jeremy with Twin Cities Elite Real Estate Group. I’m a Carver resident and I live in Carver county. And I just want to talk a little bit about one of our favorite parks at myself and my dog, Jackson, like to get out to is called Community Park. We get out here, we try to get out every day, go for a nice walk. Few other fun things about the park itself – behind me here we have the Carver Black Socks that play here. So if you like watching baseball quick, easy walk, if they’re out playing you should be able to get out and watch some games. There’s also a lot of little league games that go on here. So those are always fun to watch.

    Within Community Park itself, there’s a lot of little outdoor activities that are fun to get to. We have a volleyball court that’s here, you’ll tend to find a lot of people are playing that. We have an ice skating rink, wintertime that’s always full of people playing hockey. Turn it into the summertime, you’ll see basketball being played out there along with pickleball. And then on the backside of where the ice skating rink is, you’ll also find that there’s a skate park, that’s there. We have a pavilion and kid’s jungle gym set. So a lot of things that are really close for a lot of the residents of Carver to use, actually quite accessible and easy to walk to within the set community that’s in here. So what’s your favorite park and things that you like to go out to in your residence?

    Want to learn more about the Carver area? Contact Jeremy at or 612.214.5312.