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Forest Lake

Forest Lake is a rapidly growing, attractive suburban community located in the northwestern corner of Washington County. The city is conveniently located off Highways 35E and 35W and is part of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. In addition to the beauty of the lakes, residents are fond of agricultural pursuits, the small-town feel, and family-friendly amenities.

The city has a variety of facilities for youth and adult activities including a new sports center for hockey and skating, ball fields, and 3 golf courses. The city hosts many parks with various amenities including a swimming beach, playgrounds, picnic facilities, hiking and biking trails, horseback riding facilities, and snowmobile trails.

The city is home to the Forest Lake Area School District 831 which provides excellent teachers, a challenging curriculum, technology, high standards, and a safe learning environment. Forest Lake also offers several other private and public school options including the Lakes International Language Academy.

Forest Lake’s greatest asset, however, is the people who live and work there. Hundreds of residents volunteer in city-sponsored programs and on various advisory boards; many more take an active role in community life by donating their time through city projects, local churches, schools, civic and youth groups, and other organizations.

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