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Woodbury Real Estate

Considering a move to Woodbury? Woodbury is a beautiful town with some great shops and activities to enjoy. The city is known for its attractive residential neighborhoods, which are connected by more than 140 miles of multi-use trails. The city contains approximately 3,100 acres of parkland and eight small lakes, most with public parks and pathways. Woodbury’s parks, trails and open space system is an important element in the quality of life for its residents. Not only does it offer residents important recreational opportunities, it preserves and makes accessible unique natural resources that give the community its identity. Lakes, woodlands, open fields, wetlands and waterways are features that draw people to live in this community.

Learn more about the city of Woodbury on their city website:

Jovannie answers some of your top questions about the area and shares some of his favorite places making your move even more exciting!

Favorite Parks & Communities

Bailey’s Arbor Park (and new development)

More Coming Soon

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