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Legacy Trails | Isanti, MN

Hey, Chris Adams here! Just wanted to showcase one of the awesome parks that we have in Cambridge and Isanti. I’m actually in Isanti right now. This is a new development neighborhood too, which you might be able to see behind me a little bit here. A few of the houses that are being built right now, Legacy Pines back there.

So I just wanted to show you Legacy Park, that’s back here. It’s a really beautiful park to be able to walk in. They’ve got all of these really nice crushed rock trails that you can go on. And they got a little bit of a creek right here that actually runs right out into the Rum River. So it’s beautiful! The biggest loop they have here is just about a mile long and there are several different ways to get through here. So there’s plenty of miles that you can take different trails to get back through in here and really great spot to come with your family. Or you can also bring your dog, I got mine with me today, right here. So just going for a quick walk today, but a super beautiful park. If you haven’t been back here yet, you absolutely need to check it out.

The main entrance is just right up this way, it’s pretty much right back in the middle of the Legacy Pines neighborhood that’s there. You can easily find all the information if you just go to the City of Isanti and look up Legacy Park. Check out the trail map here. So anyway, hope you’re all having a great day today and hope you get a chance to get out and view this place.

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