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Moonshine Whiskey Saloon & Eatery | East Bethel, MN

Hi guys, this is Jace Baldwin with the Twin Cities Elite Real Estate Group. I’m here actually at Moonshine Whiskey in East Bethel. This is a spot that I like to come in the summertime, as you can see, they got a really nice patio outside. The food here, they have a pretty extensive menu in terms of options. The drinks are always really good. The food comes out on time and the scene inside, just the atmosphere, is a spot that I really like to spend time at with friends and family and to catch a burger when you’re kind of trying to take a break from some home cooking there. So if you haven’t had a chance to swing by here before, just kind of curious about the area, certainly worth taking a trip out here and checking it out, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. And if you have any questions in regards to East Bethel in general, would love to chat with you more about that. Other than that, hope everybody’s summer is off to a great start. And, like I said, if you get some time, come and check out a new spot.

Want to learn more about the East Bethel area? Contact Jace at or 218-244-6038.