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    Oak Tree by Lennar Homes | Carver, MN

    Hey, it’s Jeremy with Twin Cities Elite Real Estate Group. Just coming to chat with you a little bit about a new community development that’s going on. I am in Carver and this is currently where I live and today I’m going to be featuring Lennar Homes, which is part of their Oak Tree Home Community that they are building.

    Got a couple of new construction ones that are going up back behind us here, but a little bit about it is they have three-style of homes that they’re building and putting in the area. They’re going to have a modified split, which is going to be part of the Heritage collection. That one price point range is going to range from, you know, 379,000 to 422,000. Finished square is, anywhere between 1,309, all the way up to 2,280 finished square feet.

    We’re also going to have the Villa collection and that one’s just single one level living anywhere between 1,309, all the way up to 1,920 finished square feet.

    And then the other style that they have is a Traditional collection, which is going to be a two-story house, that you can see we’ve got that featured in the background here. That one’s going to be finished square feet between 1,907, all the way up to 3,380 finished square feet. It’s a two-story single single-family home like I said, and one of the really nice things when you’re buying these new homes and new houses:

    1. They’re going to come with a warranty that has a one, two, and 10 warranty.
    2. I mean, all the houses are now being built as smart, smart homes, smart wifi. So a lot of really cool technology is being built into the homes of properties.
    3. And then on the new construction builds, you’ll get to pick, you know, a lot of the items and features that you want with it. So you can get a lot of upgrades and build that house the way that you want it.

    So if you’re looking to know more information about it, please reach out and also please give the video, a thumbs up and a like. We greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

    Learn more about the Oak Tree by Lennar Homes Community here:

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